We were not born yesterday

We have implemented hundreds of successful implementations

Pilsner Urquell Pilsen
A strong player in the brewing industry saves money thanks to our lights

We implemented LED technology lighting in the strategic operating and storage areas for the number one brewer in the Czech Republic. We managed both to reduce electricity costs and significantly improve the light comfort in these environments.

Mountfield Brno a Olomouc
Dust-proof LED lighting and LED panels for Mountfield

We implemented lighting in branches of the largest domestic retailer of garden equipment – Mountfield, we used TIL LED dust-proof luminaires and LED dimmable panels. We managed to create natural lighting for retail and warehouse areas.

ELIT Praha
Installation of TIL LED dust-proof lighting

The ELIT headquarters in Prague has undergone a modernisation into efficient lighting with TIL dust-proof luminaires. The energy and lighting project including ROI calculation was developed free of charge.

The Gambrinus brewery in Pilsen
TIL LED dust-proof lighting illuminates the Gambrinus brewery

In early 2016, we installed the system of LED dust-proof lighting in the basements of the Gambrinus Brewery. This initiated a new stage of the co-operation with a major beer producer in the Czech Republic.

Excalibur City Supermarket
Dimmable LED panels for the Supermarket

Complete new lighting in the Excalibur City shopping centre supermarket. 50% energy savings and significantly higher illuminance are the basic features of our LED technology in practice.

Hamíkovo Hockey hall, Hamuliakovo SK
TPR industrial lighting from TESLUXU

In Hamíkovo hockey hall in Hamulíkov we installed a complete system of LED TPR industrial lighting. At this point, the hall meets the standards of illuminance for training and hockey games.

Kaňák Strážnice
Installing of TIL LED dust-proof lighting

Implementation of a secondary lighting circuit in LED design for a leading supplier of cutting tools.

Installing of TIL LED dust-proof lighting

Mladá Boleslav affiliate of the major player in the flooring is illuminated by our TILL dust-proof luminaires. In addition to significant energy savings the client also gained homogenous natural light.

FBC Ostrava
Installation of TPR industrial lighting

Ostrava Floorball club installed TPR LED industrial lighting into its new hall. Using a sophisticated system of optical LED luminaires, we have achieved maximum illumination with regard to minimum power consumption.

Bagger - Mýto by Rokycany
Installing of TIL LED dust-proof lighting and LED panels

We have completely renewed the lighting in the service halls and administrative background of dynamic company Bagger in Mýto by Rokycany.

Blue Caffe Excalibur City Hatě near Znojmo
Installing of LED dimmable panels

Visitors to the Excalibur City shopping complex in Hatě near Znojmo can stop and sit in the Blue Caffe, which is part of the shopping complex. The Caffe is completely illuminated with our dimmable LED panels.

Excalibur City
LED spotlights in Hatě by Znojmo

For complete lighting of the outdoor surroundings and buildings we used our high-performance LED spotlights with controlled optics. We managed at minimal operating costs to find the best solutions for outdoor lighting.

Public lighting in Hodonín
Lighting reconstruction in Hodonín

Gradually we installed Cobra new public lighting in three streets in Hodonín. More than half the cost savings for lighting, intuitive autonomous dimming and branded components, these are the features of our COBRA LED lights.

Commercial Centre in Prague
Installing LED dust-proof lighting to the underground garages

We installed the dust-proof LED lighting system to underground garages in Prague's Wenceslas Square. We significantly cut the costs of energy and the clarity and security for drivers thanks to the higher luminosity.

LED public lighting for Plavecký Mikuláš SK
Installing LED public lighting to the entire community

We installed new lighting into the majority of the Plavecký Mikuláš Slovak community. To increase savings outside of LED technology we also use AstroDim autonomous dimming in OSRAM brand sources, which are part of our COBRA LED luminaires.