We can prepare a tailor-made project for You

Free of charge, anytime

At present, it is important for the company to operate efficiently and to be able to compete in marketing, sales and production and other fields. It is also necessary to bear in mind the operating costs and, of course, reduce them to a minimum.

At TESLUX we can reduce the cost of lighting by up to 90%. We use advanced LED technology and controlled dimming in places that you currently don’t use.

Why should you have a light on in places where there is plenty of daylight? It seems useless to us.

How do we proceed?

Write or call us. We arrange the time and come take a look. It is impossible to design the best solution accurately from a desk.

Together we can have a look at the current lighting and measure how much you need it. We calculate the annual energy costs and prepare the project.

We can simulate your situation accurately in a special program using new lights or a dimming system.

We can calculate the real savings in accordance with the standards and prepare a report in which we state the real return time and the amount of savings.

We are able to realise the whole project, fit new lights, manufacture and install a controlled dimming system and put everything into operation.

Complete documentation, certificates for all the delivered products, the declaration of conformity and others are a matter of course.

Not every light is the same

The projects are an integral part of our business. It is not sensible to approach to lighting replacement with a "piece by piece" method. Several important factors are involved in the game.

How to select power? What colour light? How high to place the lighting? Why have the light on even where it isn’t necessary at the moment?

We answer these questions exactly for you. This is precisely the reason why you should have a project processed by us. We understand lighting, we work with them day and night.

Are you interested in project development? Contact our project specialist David Filip on phone +420 724 748 390, or e-mail filip@teslux.cz

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