What is INTELLI?

INTELLI is the simple complete digital lighting control hardware and software system solution. Designed and developed to support the intelligent features of DALI*. Thanks to INTELLI you can control the lighting effectively and minimize the costs.

Savings (illustrative example)

* DALI is an acronym and stands for “Digital Addressable Lighting Interface“

For what types of projects is INTELLI suitable?

Industrial halls, warehouses, office buildings, shopping centers, sports complexes, hospitals, schools, services, hotels, restaurants, wellness facilities – you can use the LMS ENERGIS system everywhere and reach significant savings in energy costs.

How to save energy with INTELLI

Any of the following basic DALI controls would lead to a more effective use of your lighting system. The INTELLI system offers you also their various combination and allows you to reach the full energy and costs saving potential of 40–80 %.

Daylight Harvesting

Daylight Harvesting - Daylight harvesting is used in conjunction with light level management and takes advantage of natural sunlight by dimming lighting in areas that are sufficiently lit through windows and skylights. As sunlight decreases light level sensors increase the level of artificial light to compensate. The INTELLI is capable to factor the amount of natural daylight into the need of artificial lighting.

Zone DALI controls

The INTELLI system allows you to define zones based on the need for intensity of illumination in them - constant light level. This leads to effective lowering of the consumption in the different zones where the needs for constant light levels are very different, while letting you keep the possibility to illuminate the whole space fully, if necessary.

Schedules - Time Plan controls

Schedules are used to switch lights on in time for start-of-business and switch lights off at the end of the day. Different parts of a business day may have different operating hours so separate schedules can be programmed for various locations within a building. The INTELLI system can synchronize different constant light levels in different zones with the time schedule of your operation.

Control with Occupancy Sensor

Using the occupancy sensors, the INTELLI is able to assign different light levels to the space. Occupancy sensing is a useful tool for illuminating rooms that are used on an inconsistent basis. Storage areas, meeting rooms and toilet facilities fitted with occupancy sensors will activate lighting on to a predefined level of illumination when someone enters the room. When the space is vacant again, an INTELLI SW timer is used to dimm the lights at first down and later switch off. This would lead to lower consumption, while the space is not used.


Scene settings combine events together to create a particular effect, such as dimming lighting levels. Scenes easily recreate the different lighting levels used at various times of the day for applications such as restaurants and hotels. Scenes are also useful in conference rooms and theatres or virtually any application where various actions are performed simultaneously.

Major Advantages of INTELLI

Advanced configuration
Maximum freedom in lighting design
Lighting scenes and transitions
Light over Time Graphical Profiling
Energy monitoring
From room to entire building
Automated control
Integration to building management systems
Graphical user interface
Various user interface options
Colour temperature control

„Plug and use“ solution

Some of the proprietary solutions available on the market also provide integration to DALI. Our „plug and play“ LMS ENERGIS system developed for simple design, simple install and simple setting is one complet HW and SW solution for DALI lighting systems.

Versions and features
Lighting management system INTELLI
Real-time monitoring and user control via web browser
Individual control and monitoring for each luminaire
Intelligent control of lighting with daylight harvesting sensor
Zone control
Motion sensors
Corridor function
Dynamic changes in illumination
Manual commands for each luminaire, or groups of luminaires
Cloud solution
Server based application
Power consumption measuring
Real-time monitoring of energy consumption
Data records*
Export do Accounting Software**
Export to BMS*
Other types of energy measuring*
Data export to Excel*
Multilanguage interface*
Graphics for energy performance*
Daily / weekly / monthly reports*
Remote system activation and configuration - service channel via IP
Compatibility MS WIN, Android, iOS

* optional extra feature

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