We are not the biggest

Therefore, we must always be better

We have the desire and strength to continuously improve

The company was founded in 2010 and from the beginning it was devoted to trade with LED light sources and luminaires. At first, it was only sales via the e-shop and retail outlets.

Over time wholesale began to dominate and in 2012 it was decided to cancel internet sales. The company has increasingly focused on developing and manufacturing their own LED lighting. All products were manufactured in China and only minor technical adjustments required by the customer were carried out in the Czech Republic. We have been working on the development with Fudan University in Shanghai since the beginning.

The result of the co-operation is a TPR industrial lighting modular system with unique optics and a lot of potential performance variants. In 2013, we completed the development of our custom dust-proof TIL luminaires, which have been our bestseller.

The product range has been expanding constantly and in the last year we decided to develop an entirely new COBRA lightings for public street lighting. Because of the durability and quality, the design from aluminium die-cast alloy was chosen, for which special moulds had to be made. Currently, this type of lighting is assembled here in the Czech Republic so we are able to meet our customer requirements even faster.

Our business has also expanded and today we carry out a lot of made to measure projects, from the design to final implementation. We use quality materials (diodes, drivers ...) from reputable companies such as Samsung, Philips, Tridonic, Osram, in all our LED lighting.

In March 2016, within the context of the emerging Czech-Chinese co-operation, we affiliated Fudan University with Mendel University in Brno, which now co-operate on development and testing of our GROW LED lights that will be used for growing crops in greenhouses.

We are constantly appearing on the market with new products, or their technical innovation and we are preparing to expand production of LED lighting in the Czech Republic. For this purpose we are going to move to our own production facilities in autumn, which will fuel a new stage of the development of our company.

Pavel Kozumplík
CEO and owner

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